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          March 2020 brought so much change and challenge for us all. I hope you are well and safe, with those you love, or in contact with them regularly. I am healthy and safe at home in Los Angeles. 

At Her Imagination, we see this a much needed transition for humanity, a time to reinvent the way we live, learn, eat, commune and create. This is precisely the time to put to use one of our greatest powers -

the power of the IMAGINATION! 

          During the second week of quarantine in Los Angeles, I went live on Instagram as The Juggling Chef to alleviate the fear, to break the tension and to add to the collective joy. The response was so encouraging and the experience so fun for me, I decided to catch the great wave of change and fully embrace continuing my work...online. I began hosting Zoom sessions the following day, leading children in my community in puppet making activities, DIY I Spy games, drama exercises, comic book making and story telling. They loved it, so did the parents and so did I! And then it dawned on me - everything I was doing prior to the quarantine can translate incredibly well into interactive and participatory Zoom sessions, live streams and online learning. 

          That was when the phone rang and someone who had seen my live act of The Juggling Chef was calling to hire me as a Zoom Entertainer for Camp Super Duper LIVE to lead interactive online activities for a spring break online camp. "Wow!" I thought to myself, "This is actually a thing...a thing I can do now!"

           I spent 6 years on the road, touring schools as an entertainer and arts educator, I worked an artist mentor to high-school students, a professional puppeteer, a juggler, an outdoor adventure leader and I created and facilitated hundreds of workshops in drama, spoken word poetry, storytelling, music, cooking and more! I have had a great time following my dreams, inventing my work and sharing my gifts with children, teachers and parents. I am delighted that at this time I am well enough and totally inspired to make a necessary contribution to the children and parents I know and to those I have yet to meet.


            I can sustain myself while I grow my creativity and expand my community, we can thrive in an epidemic if we have the right tools and many of us have those tools. When the time comes for us to return to our communities in the big, bright world, I can see us - all the more ready for what lays ahead and certainly more willing to bring our best, to share our gifts and to forge a new path as resilient local and global communities.  I can see all of this and more in the midst of a crisis and that is truly the power of Her Imagination.  

Catching the Great Wave of Change

April 1 2020 - a message from Her Imagination

- Marla Brennan, Creator


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