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Marla Brennan was born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. The youngest daughter of two loving parents, teachers and community leaders, Marla had a magical childhood of stories, miniature worlds and outdoor adventures.

She was greatly inspired by Canadian authors, artists, live performers and TV personalities she encountered as a child through the loving attention of parents and three older sisters. She has eight nieces and nephews and as devoted her career to creating inspiring and entertaining content for young audiences. 

Marla has been a guest in over 600 schools as a performing artist and educator. In 2007 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance - Acting from the Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto, Canada. Also a student of the French theater master Philippe Gaulier, Marla specializes in character work and physical comedy. Shortly after graduating from University she began sharing her one-person juggling show in libraries and spent 6 seasons performing family theatre shows with Mirador Theatre in Muskoka, Ontario. In 2012 Marla was the lead puppeteer and clown with the Canadian Opera Company in the production Love From Afar. Between 2011 -2015 Marla toured a one-person mask show by Faustwork Mask Theatre playing over 25 characters in French and English, travelling to over 400 schools and sharing her expertise with diverse Canadian communities including in Indigenous and First Nations schools throughout Canada.

As an educator, Marla taught at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto and with the Toronto District School Board from 2013-2017. Between 2015-2017 Marla toured with Dufflebag Theatre, performing improvised fairy-tales and classic stories playing over 30 characters in 15 different shows.

In 2018, Marla's first musical recording was released with Canada Covers Tom Petty, a tribute playlist to the great songwriter.  From 2019 - 2020 Marla was living in West Los Angeles working at Ecole Claire Fontaine, a private french daycare, as a Special Projects Teacher. She was performing regularly at the Mar Vista Farmer's Market as The Juggling Chef and performing her original music.....and then along came a pandemic, followed by Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, so Marla is currently in Canada, recovering, regrowing her hair and re-imagining how her skills can benefit our new and mysterious world. 

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