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Best for ages 6 and up!

With her ukulele Marla leads the group in simple songs to get groups singing, then we play word association games to get the creativity flowing. Picking a theme and using simple rhymes and melodies we make a song and sing it in a short time! No musical experience necessary.



Best for ages 4 and up!

Create a unique character that you can take with you. Using simple craft materials, participants create their own puppet and get a chance to practice voices, create a story and perform. Sock-puppets, spoon puppets, sponge puppets and more! The world of puppets gives children a chance to express in a truly playful and freeing way.


Nurturing with Nature

Great for ages 4 - 11!

Outdoor programs include songs and stories about nature as well as games and activities that help us understand the important role of each element in the ecosystem. We use materials found in nature to create art, we decorate walking sticks, make natural paints, build rafts out of sticks and reeds and puppets out of stones and leaves!


Creative Cooking

Best for ages 3 and up!

In these classes we learn where food comes from, how it travels to us, how to mix it up and how it nourishes us! With songs, poetry, food juggling and fresh ingredients, participants learn through interactive entertainment how to follow recipes and make snacks essential to healthy eating and satisfying hunger. With taste tests we discover new flavours, with food art we express our creativity, by eating and cooking  together we experience community...and then we even do the dishes!


The Musical Body

Great for all ages!

Learn the basics of rhythm and music creation. Without any instruments we  create a musical soundscape and explore all the noise the body can make. Group work, simple rhythms and choreography allow participants to create and perform their own body percussion routines!

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Ideal for ages 7 and up!

Learn the basics of juggling with 1, 2, and 3 balls. This hour long workshop involves group activites of catching and throwing to develop cooridnation and teamwork skills. Individual practice helps kids build confidence and understand the necessity of practice. Partnered juggling and mini-performances let each child shine in their own way!


Playful Performance & Improv

Perfect for all ages!

Theatre games are a great way to build confidence in performance and public speaking. Playing as a group in storytelling and character-creating exercises, each participant has a chance to express their unique ideas and finesse their comedic skills. The only requirement is the willingness to play!

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Recycled Rhythms

Great for all ages!

We re-purpose recycled materials to make drums, shakers and noise makers and create our own band. Together we invent ways of turning used materials into musical instruments, decorate them and play original rhythms. 

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Spoken Word & Rap

Great for ages 6 and up!

Discover the power and fun of poetry and rap! Marla makes it easy with upbeat and educational poetry and rap that captivates audiences. Using rhyme games and word association exercises, we get in the flow of rhyming and timing.  Using writing prompts and freestyle writing we discover topics that ignite our imagination. We craft and refine our work and share our first draft on our feet, with confidence and swag!

At this time I am teaching online.

The lessons I offer can be a great add-on to your pre-existing class to help round-out your dramatic or musical arts curriculum. These activities are also suitable for homeschooling, birthday parties, after- school programs, camps and festivals. 

Please contact me to see if our visions align.